So I got InstaGram, and I find it pretty cool. There's a whole e-gallery movement coming along with apps and many other resources that smartphones and internet provides. I've also seen debates about whether or not everyone could be considered a "photographer". I think that streaming in real time pictures is something different than going to college and getting trained in photography as a fine art, or being a self made photographer. But any approach point towards the same message, sharing moments... anyways this is my gallery... I post things i see on my every-day life that i find quite special on their own way :) fallow me.  


Some pics of Kid Koala, Ramadanman and Machinedrum at this year's MUTEK  Mex City can be found at Jungle Empire's Blog. Growing massively each year.


Basslover Radio, Drum and Bass and you have to like it, mixes up!

Last months radio shows are up on the Basslover section to download. Lots of good DnB tunes if you are looking for fuel for your ipod and such. :) sets by   DJC_Kay (UK), UPWARD MOBILITY (US),  d.Base (GR) and D.SIGN (GA). 
Drum and bass and you have to like it !