THANK YOU, here's some music :)

Ok so this year is coming to an end. 2011 was a milestone for me, I learned and gained more than I could ever wished for. Going into next year I have big projects I'll be participating at, among them are a Fashion Show Runway event,  Music is Art Festival's 10th year anniversary, my Final Senior Art Show, Logo design and preparation for 91.3 FM 30th year anniversary event and great Vj gigs for Hype, Rusko, Summer Festival shows and some possible touring dates with an amazing CNY Dj. Lots more to come but this is it so far. So as I keep busy I'm also going to continue the weekly DnB radio show, Basslover.  Here are some mixes to keep up with the good music spirit. Thank you all who have supported me throughout the years and expect big things this upcoming year. Best wishes and lots of love.  Alma :)



HYPE Jan 21st

Next month January 21st I'll be doing visuals at the MNM's 11 year anniversary party @ Town Ballroom.
DJ HYPE and MC DADDY EARL (uk) will be headlining this event alongside US Marshall, Hoogs, Basha and more. Check out the facebook event here.  Also tune in to Basslover as I'll have some ticket giveaways for this massive celebration.
Also the mix from Last nights Radio show was a Liquid set recorded live at the House of Blues Sunset by US Marshall. Check it! 

Basslover with US MARSHALL 12-11 by AlmaBasslover