The End of the 13th Baktun

The National Institute of Anthropology and History from Mexico reported zero deaths in the Mayan area and Teotihuacan (Aztec temple area) after thousands of people attended ceremonies and rituals around archeological areas.

Researchers of these pre-Columbian cultures have repeatedly stated that the interpretation of the end of the wold by the Mayan culture is wrong since their calendars do not mention December 21st, 2012 at all, and rather refer to a monolith from the Tabasco area, which indicates that the long count calendar of 5,125 years completes a cycle.

Earlier this year, Erik Velasquez, researcher at the National University, explained that the concept of the end of the world was unknown to the Mayans because for them "time was deep into the past and into the future."Commercial and Economical Interest fed the so called "end of the world" with low information websites, blogs, movies, etc.

On the other hand, concepts such as renovation, consciousness, oneness, belonging, and spirituality are all part of this new cycle.

(picture by El Proceso) 


Thx Hospital

I've been a fan of Hospital Records for a long time, and I can even say I remember their first podcast thinking I would do my best to not miss any. Thanks to iTunes I've caught up with them all. Music as a source of inspiration has always been there with me while working on my visual art.

Earlier this year I took a ceramics class where I modeled some animals, robots, did some mugs and other figures. This Hospital logo modeling represents my appreciation to drum and bass tracks that have come out of this label.
In one podcast I heard Tony Colman say that he would not come to America anymore so seeing London Elektricity in Toronto was def one of the highlights of my summer. This cute little clay creation is my office among other inspiring objects. Mad love to Hospital and their sick music!!!


BFA Communication Design

I'm officially done with college! the last assignment was a paper due today on Simone de Beauvoir's philosophy of love. Design-wise my last projects, a demo reel and a group 3d movie were finished this week too. It definitely took me a while to go through the program but it was definitely worth it and i can't wait for future endeavors. Much love to all my family and friends for all their support these past years, and of course this goes to my mom and brother always looking up for me wherever I am. 


Still Moving, An Interactive Installation.

When I VJ, people often ask me if I'm playing music, or what do I do with a keyboard next to a dj or a band bouncing up and down. Being a VJ goes beyond just playing video loops at festivals and music events. I engage with the content I project by making video loops from scratch.  Drawing digital illustrations, shooting video, and making loops out of them is a creative process I am sharing with everybody through an interactive installation, Still MovingGuests can play a midi controller's keys and see them trigger videos on a projection's screen. Each of the 14 keys triggers moving images that represent a piece of artwork hung on the first section of the gallery. Keyboard guides will be provided the day of the event, so that one can identify the still images with its moving version. 

This installation is my senior show as I am about to complete the communication design program at Buffalo State College. Inspiration for this project comes from organic shapes such as leaves and animals, to aztec pyramids and molecules. This is a public event and it will remain up in the gallery for a week. 

Come check out the opening reception on Friday Nov. 30th.  Projex, Big Basha, and Potent will provide live Dj sets for the night, some appetizers and wine will be provided too. I'm of course super excited! 

Here is write up about this, and other  student senior shows. 


Design Process.

Getting a balanced flyer design, its process, options and final version. This was for Bassdrip by NuSkoolPirates :)



Instagram Web Profile

Now Instagram has web profiles, check mine here, I've been posting sneak peaks of the artworks to be included in the Still Moving exhibit. Check it and follow me :) 


London Elektricity, much love!

Watching this video makes me happy, London Elektricity and NuTone at Digital Dreams.


LOVE: from type design to video installation.

This saturday I showed a piece, "Love", at the City of Night festival. The event was open to the public, and it showcased local artists from print, and digital media, to music, installation, and performance. The concept of sustainability, art, and public involvement was definitely a success in this first year, and it plants a very strong seed for years to come. 

So for this installation exhibit i created "Love".

The Communication Design program at Buffalo State College has inspired me to explore typographic solutions, and use words as shapes for projecting videos and animations of my own authorship.

in this installation, a mix of organic and digital processes come together with hand sewn letters using cotton and wood, creating a surface to project on. 

"Love will also be part of next week's Music is Art Festival, in which I am doing live video mixing set from 8 to 9pm on the Lake Stage. Come have some music and art with the family :) 
Each letter displayed a different video, with effects applied to them individually. The large ammount of combinations turned out very interesting and fun to play with, and of course, I played some archived Basslover radio shows in the background :) 

This is an initial idea from when i started sketching out the type's proportions.

After all, installation art is about people interacting with the work, and it was great to see the public having fun around the projections, making shadow shapes, taking pics or just hanging out around it.  Much Love! 

Thanks to Nico for the .gif 


hey visual artists, photographers, or anyone who would like to display their work in this year's 10th Anniversary Music is Art Festival, Get at me! I'm looking for like-minded artists who want to showcase and/or sell original artworks. :)



So for my b-day, Im treating myself with a Sunday ticket for Digital Dreams. The line up both days is amazing though. RAGING!!! 
(sunday line up)
 London Elektricity & Dynamte MC
Marcus Visionary
 Rene Lavice
 The Blizz
Hosted by JD & Trajady


Mark Farina in Rochester.

I made this poster for DeBlase who is bringing House music legend Mark Farina to Rochester, NY in a couple weeks.  Come out to hang out as this will be a day before my b-day! I will also do a vj set for the night :) check it! 


WE ARE THE ROBOTS!!! original artwork :)

This is a piece totally inspired in Kraftwerk's music. Their use of synthesizers came to revolutionize music as we know it. They brought electronic instruments to the masses accompanied by beautiful melodies, and machine-like voices and samples. Lots of people out there who are getting hooked on newer edm genres, and club scene in general, should take a look at pioneers such as Kraftwerk. Anyways more original ceramic artwork by me can be found here. EZ

This is the song I kept playing on my ipod while working on this ha :) 



The Senate, in the latest round of political maneuvering on a popular campaign issue, Thursday rejected competing Democratic and Republican proposals to prevent student loan rates from doubling to 6.8% in July.

While leaders of both parties insist they want to keep the federally backed rate at 3.4% for another year, they sharply disagree over how to pay the $6 billion tab necessary to do so. Senate Democrats want to eliminate certain tax benefits for small business owners, while Senate Republicans want to cut a preventive-care fund created in 2010 as part of President Barack Obama's health care reform law.
Senators rejected the Democratic plan in a 51-43 vote; they rejected the GOP proposal in a 34-62 vote. Sixty votes were necessary to win Senate approval.
While neither measure was expected to pass, leaders on both sides of the aisle wanted the opportunity to vote for their plan instead of merely voicing opposition to the other party's proposal.
Before the vote, Senate Democrats accused their Republican counterparts of unnecessarily pitting educational needs against health care priorities.
House Republicans recently passed an identical version of the bill pushed by their Senate GOP colleagues. Obama has vowed to veto the measure if it ever reaches his desk.



ADF oldie and always good! :)

So much to do!! barely sleeping these days, but music helps me staying awake for sure... I heard this song seven years ago from ADF's Fortress Europe album (classic) and loved it ever since because of its theme. Say NO to violent relationships! and yes to mutual respect and love. 



My next ceramics project... Lonely Robot in a huge moon's crater! this baby is coming along pretty well :)


Basslover/tracklist :)

As advertised... Tonight's tracklist. 
Shout outs to ESSEF (uk) for sharing his mix on Basslover! :

1. Pennygiles: What Would You Do
2. Furney: Escape To Freedom
3. mSdoS: My Mind
4. Lonnie Liston: Quiet Moments (Jrumhand Bootleg)
5. Melos: From The Heart
6. Ken Ishii & Shogun: Stretch (Decon 2011 Refix)
7. Plain Dialogue: Cala Pira
8. EKTO1: Lose My Mind (Furney Remix)
9. Jrumhand: Fusion Groove
10. Arp-1: Our Deepest Fear
11. Komatic & Technicolour: The Glow
12. Jrumhand: A Beautiful time
13. Jrumhand: The Jrag
14. mSdoS: Chords & Jazz
15. Physical Illusion: Marine Groove
16. Regal Club: Regal Club (Undersound Remix)
17. Commix: Mfsb


Today's forecast calls for kicks, tights and shorts.. ;)


Flowers on the road!

Spring is here! I took this pictures on my way to the park early today. Exercise on a Sunday morning feels so right/new :)



Video Recap ;)

This is a video-recap I put together for Visionary Mindz. Each year they bring the best Valentines event of central New York. Check it out :)  


PBS online Fiml Festival.

PBS is the best TV station out there. They connect people showing our human qualities. if you haven't heard about their online film festival check it out HERE.  It goes until March 30th. So far I am deeply moved by  "The Archive". how to help? 



Iguardo :)

I've been working on this guy over the past  weeks and it's finally  finished and glazed!  It was made out of clay and the glaze was Egyptian blue. It was inspired by the Pre-Culumbian cultures of central America. Love it! :)  


Basslover 91.3 FM

Last week's Basslover show:  DJ FLAVOR's mix :)


I'm hitting the road to Syracuse this weekend coming up for HARDTIMES VALENTINES!   I'll be doing visuals and shooting some footage for a video recap so smile at the camera :) 


Dj Flavor / Jungle Empire

Hey so this is the link for DJ FLAVOR. I broadcasted his mix on Basslover last Tuesday. He belongs to Jungle Empire, a DnB collective form Mex city. Check out their blog here :)