So for my b-day, Im treating myself with a Sunday ticket for Digital Dreams. The line up both days is amazing though. RAGING!!! 
(sunday line up)
 London Elektricity & Dynamte MC
Marcus Visionary
 Rene Lavice
 The Blizz
Hosted by JD & Trajady


Mark Farina in Rochester.

I made this poster for DeBlase who is bringing House music legend Mark Farina to Rochester, NY in a couple weeks.  Come out to hang out as this will be a day before my b-day! I will also do a vj set for the night :) check it! 


WE ARE THE ROBOTS!!! original artwork :)

This is a piece totally inspired in Kraftwerk's music. Their use of synthesizers came to revolutionize music as we know it. They brought electronic instruments to the masses accompanied by beautiful melodies, and machine-like voices and samples. Lots of people out there who are getting hooked on newer edm genres, and club scene in general, should take a look at pioneers such as Kraftwerk. Anyways more original ceramic artwork by me can be found here. EZ

This is the song I kept playing on my ipod while working on this ha :)