LOVE: from type design to video installation.

This saturday I showed a piece, "Love", at the City of Night festival. The event was open to the public, and it showcased local artists from print, and digital media, to music, installation, and performance. The concept of sustainability, art, and public involvement was definitely a success in this first year, and it plants a very strong seed for years to come. 

So for this installation exhibit i created "Love".

The Communication Design program at Buffalo State College has inspired me to explore typographic solutions, and use words as shapes for projecting videos and animations of my own authorship.

in this installation, a mix of organic and digital processes come together with hand sewn letters using cotton and wood, creating a surface to project on. 

"Love will also be part of next week's Music is Art Festival, in which I am doing live video mixing set from 8 to 9pm on the Lake Stage. Come have some music and art with the family :) 
Each letter displayed a different video, with effects applied to them individually. The large ammount of combinations turned out very interesting and fun to play with, and of course, I played some archived Basslover radio shows in the background :) 

This is an initial idea from when i started sketching out the type's proportions.

After all, installation art is about people interacting with the work, and it was great to see the public having fun around the projections, making shadow shapes, taking pics or just hanging out around it.  Much Love! 

Thanks to Nico for the .gif 

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