The End of the 13th Baktun

The National Institute of Anthropology and History from Mexico reported zero deaths in the Mayan area and Teotihuacan (Aztec temple area) after thousands of people attended ceremonies and rituals around archeological areas.

Researchers of these pre-Columbian cultures have repeatedly stated that the interpretation of the end of the wold by the Mayan culture is wrong since their calendars do not mention December 21st, 2012 at all, and rather refer to a monolith from the Tabasco area, which indicates that the long count calendar of 5,125 years completes a cycle.

Earlier this year, Erik Velasquez, researcher at the National University, explained that the concept of the end of the world was unknown to the Mayans because for them "time was deep into the past and into the future."Commercial and Economical Interest fed the so called "end of the world" with low information websites, blogs, movies, etc.

On the other hand, concepts such as renovation, consciousness, oneness, belonging, and spirituality are all part of this new cycle.

(picture by El Proceso) 


Thx Hospital

I've been a fan of Hospital Records for a long time, and I can even say I remember their first podcast thinking I would do my best to not miss any. Thanks to iTunes I've caught up with them all. Music as a source of inspiration has always been there with me while working on my visual art.

Earlier this year I took a ceramics class where I modeled some animals, robots, did some mugs and other figures. This Hospital logo modeling represents my appreciation to drum and bass tracks that have come out of this label.
In one podcast I heard Tony Colman say that he would not come to America anymore so seeing London Elektricity in Toronto was def one of the highlights of my summer. This cute little clay creation is my office among other inspiring objects. Mad love to Hospital and their sick music!!!


BFA Communication Design

I'm officially done with college! the last assignment was a paper due today on Simone de Beauvoir's philosophy of love. Design-wise my last projects, a demo reel and a group 3d movie were finished this week too. It definitely took me a while to go through the program but it was definitely worth it and i can't wait for future endeavors. Much love to all my family and friends for all their support these past years, and of course this goes to my mom and brother always looking up for me wherever I am.