Flying >>>>>>

Kind of crappy time-lapse but it's an ok test, hope I can get a better one on my way back to the states. More #cloudporn please!


Time to go to #Mexico

Ever since I moved to the states I've tried to go back to Mexico City once a year or so. I totally look forward to spending quality time with family and friends although it never seems enough time to hang out with old buddies or go to the places I want to go to. 
Things really do look different as time progress, new buildings, new trends on the streets, new popular music, etc. A lot of things change but others remain the same, like the beautiful colonial architecture, my childhood house, the delicious flavors of Mexican cuisine, etc. 

It's great being back here, specially in the holidays. I do appreciate the opportunity I have to go back and forth between two great countries full of beautiful people whom I love to death. I feel super blessed and happy! 


Mass Appeal 2013, Time Lapse

Mass Appeal 2013 was super fun this year.  I was able to assist Keith Herrington  with a GoPro wearable art section. Here's a clip i did with the time lapses I shoot for the night.
#PushGo #MA2013



This is a video where Mexican actors implore the government to ask for their opinion about the energetic reform. The current president, Enrique Pena Nieto (EPN) has basically handed over petroleum resources to foreign corporate names such as Exxon Mobil and other undisclosed industry giants.

This clip is only one of many efforts by the mexican people to stop the biggest transfer of natural resources' wealth to corporates. This energy reform is only one of eight reforms that EPN has announced to be implemented by next year.  Other reforms include the privatization of public schools, electric federal companies, community hospitals, and public communications. 

Being of a mexican heritage, I feel terrible for the political tactics that international corporations are stablishing in Mexico. Not only 90% of the population does not agree with these new reforms, but the government has done a terrible job of communicating what these changes would do to the economic social structure of Mexico. It's quite sad to see the triumph of corporations over the well being of a countrie's lower and middle class.

Over the past months teacher's unions, healthcare providers, students, artists, and several work unions have taken their protests to the streets only to be reprehended by soldiers, federal police, and of course the conservative social media which is bought and paid for by corporate interests.  How sad to see my homeland's freedom and natural resources be taken down by corporate giants. On my next visit to Mexico City I will try to get more insight on these issues by the locals, as i have been following these topics for a little over a year, yet i bet that living it is a different and more intense experience.

Here more links on these issues:


Time Lapses, NYC 2013

I took a short trip to NYC last weekend and did some time lapses. The movement, the passage of time, energy and rhythm reminds me of my hometown, Mexico City. 



Home made Dehydrated Fruits

I made this video when I dehydrated some fruits earlier this month. It's super fun and healthy doing this once in a while. Over a year ago I started drinking hot tea with some dehydrated fruit in it. I first bought the bags at wegmans, and the co-op but doing it myself is way cheaper and the process is relaxing as well. You can try out drinking hot tea with dehydrated fruits like prunes, apples, oranges, peaches, strawberry, apricot and any other fruit you like. Getting an extra sweet treat at the end of your tea drinking experience is super comforting, perfect for the winter and ideal before bed. enjoy it !



Eventhough Katman attacks me at least once a week, I still love this little guy so I made this Vj loop from an 3D illustration I made of him. 


Call for Video, Music is Art

Hello Guys, as you know, Music is Art is coming up this month.
This is one of our staple local summer festivals, and one of my favorite events of the year. This is a great gathering of musicians, artist, families, and art lovers coming together to celebrate music and art. Last year was the festival's 10th anniversary, bringing over 25,000 attendees to this one day event. Music is Art features bands, artists, photographers, dance troupes, live art displays, and an amazing kid's village. This is definitely the best way to wave goodbye to the summer. Check out the official Music is Art website here.

The Lake Stage, formerly known as the Dj Stage, has been the main outlet for Video Jockey's sets. These are always played along live Dj sets, creating a true audio-visual experience.

This year we will have extra screen time and would love to display work by local video artists. This is an open call to everybody. Whether you submit a 5min. or a 10sec. video, they will all be revised and enter into our sequence for the night. The video projections will run from 8pm until the end of night at the Lake Stage.

You can send a download link to the video, or attach it to an email to

The deadline to submit is September 18th, and the minimum requirements are:

minimum size: 640x480px

preferred formats: .mov, .mpg4, H.264

theme: Go with the Flow. This year there is no official theme for the festival so have fun with anything "Music" and "Art" related.

Check out some of the work we've done in previous years, and of course, visit us as the sun sets and engulf yourself as Brandon Chase and Paul Kuenzy close out the night Igloo style! 

Pictures by Nico 


Mapping Buffalo

Here are some clips and pics of Mapping Buffalo, presented at this year's City of Night.

I started setting up Thursday night and Friday. It was definitely a unique experience to be in the grain elevators overnight. The wind, the echo, the solitude, and resonance were all present during the installation's execution.

Gettotronics aka Dj Perceptor was a great person to play this set with. We did some A-V beat-matching and it was great to see people's reaction to this dynamic. 

Here are some insta-clips I took of the setup and of the exhibit. 



Mapping Buffalo at City of Night

It was great to see an Artvoice article about City Of Night Featuring a pic of my LOVE installation.                               The second installment of this festival is coming up next Saturday, come to celebrate art, culture, history and sustainability in this amazing space. I will exhibit a piece called Mapping Buffalo in which Dj Perceptor and I team up to play an audio-visual set from 9 to 11.  
Check out the video below and the inks to read more about this great event!


Jellyfish moves forward :)

Here is some birthday inspiration!! I couldn't be happier, much love!!! 

I took this jellyfish picture earlier this year at the Pacific Ocean Aquarium in LA. Even though it's a little blurred I still love the long soft lines and its "going forward" attitude  :)  


Sustainable Design

I love smart design, so hands down to this Orikaso folding flat dinner set. It was super easy to ensemble and it takes no space, you can wash it and re-use it, so no more wasting paper plates. Win!!!


Out and about.

I thought this little house-like book shelf looked surreal in the middle of the woods. It was installed last week, and it will have books that people can borrow while in Knox Farm Park. Reading while enjoying nature's scenery is the way to go! Go geeks go!!! 


Commencement !

I just posted some pics on my facebook, check them :) 

I've been done with college since last December but my commencement ceremony is this Saturday coming up. I'm very excited as I have formally completed my BFA in Communication Design.

Over the past five years, I have followed the design program at Buffalo State, which is graphic design, illustration, and motion graphics oriented. At the same time, I have developed freelance projects in performing arts as a video jockey and installation artist.  I cannot thank enough my family and friends for supporting me all these years and believing in my hard work and crazy visions. YAY!   


Orchid Vectors.

I made these vector orchids for my boyfriend, who was in need of a new banner for his orchid group. It was super fun to work with flower shapes and colors. Have a great spring everybody!!!


Allentown Art Festival, poster entry

I heard there was a local poster contest for the Allentown Art Festival and so whether I win or not, designing things for the sake of stimulation and practice is always good.
Soooo, I made a small Allentown planet! I've been playing around with this technique lately and I'm happy that I finally was able to use it for a poster. Wish me luck :)


Spring Love!

It finally looks like spring out there. Here is a graphic I did yesterday. The hibiscus flower is taken from a photograph I took at the Botanical gardens last week. Winter was kind of long this year and I cannot wait for more spring and summer weather!!!!


One more planet :)

Small Planets are so cool and I'm having so much fun making them! here is one with the Albright Knox Art Gallery.  :) 


Botanical Garden World.

I went to the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens this week. Last time I was there, they had a great winter themed poinsettia display, but this time the gardens were getting ready to sprout tulips as Spring is here!! Even though we still have some snow on the ground, the botanical gardens offer a nice escape into a tropical and colorful space. 

This is a small world I did using a panoramic picture I took of the Botanical Garden's front view. It's an easy process, and the result is a fun world view, it kind of put things into perspective :)FLOWER POWER!!!!


Peep Show Hot Mess!

Squeaky Wheel is hosting its HOT MESS-themed art-party at DNIPRO Ukrainian Center this Saturday, February 23rd.  I will participate with a video installation, this is the second time I am showing this piece but I am adding some new mapped animations to it. This event is going to be one of a kind. Media artist will be filling the three story building with installations in addition to food and music.
Check out more about this event here. Don't forget to mark your attendance on facebook and also check out Buffalo Rising for more coverage of the pre and post event production.  See you there :)


Plankton Space Attack!

This is a poster for a DnB jam next month featuring Mistanoize (UK). He has immaculate skills on the decks, which has awarded him winning places at both RAMM100 Dj Mixcloud Competition, and Drum&Bass Arena Kam. Incorporating sounds across the bass music spectrum, he is known for mixing on three decks, track after track. This is his first USA tour, so come to hear what he has in his bag for us. Also on the bill is Hoogs, who is one of the most active Jump up producers in WNY. His Dj sets are always a gem, delivering nothing else but the freshest dance-floor oriented sounds. Local Support is also provided by top dubstep Buffalo Dj  Big Basha, the guy behind all the Frosty Tone events. Emjay Biggz, (all vinyl set) and Jon All Day (all vinyl set) will warm up the night.. I'll be running the projections using original and other artists' visual works.

For this event, the house will also offer a Mexican buffet, get there early and enjoy some food, along with drum and bass music, and visual displays.

Here's a mix by Mistanoize, check out his soundcloud :)

The flyer is inspired on plankton life forms, and out of this world sounds. I used a turntable illustration from a previous exhibit as the main concept, adding some line objects and shapes.



During my trip to Mexico I had the opportunity to visit the Basilica with my family. I couldn't help but notice a peculiar mix of traditional Catholic masses with ancient pagan rituals, that can be seen around the main plaza. These kind of rituals or performances by native people from Mexico City feature dances, incense, feathers, religious objects, music, and various other traditional elements. This is a way of preserving the ancient culture's traditions and I find it fascinating. It is like looking through a window and seeing what it was like hundreds of years ago. Such rituals were aimed to pleased the Gods. These ceremonies also celebrated natural phenomenons such as equinoxes, rain periods, eclipses, and other celestial events in order to mark harvest seasons, sacrifices, and war periods. Nowadays, these dances are held in big plazas where people can witness what the culture was like before the arriving of the Spanish Conquistadors to Mexico City in the 16th century. Another place where one can see these "danzantes" warriors is the Zocalo, right in the heart of Mexico City. 
Here are some pictures I took of these modern dancers which display numerous costumes full of rich colors and cultural significance. It was a delight to watch.