Peep Show Hot Mess!

Squeaky Wheel is hosting its HOT MESS-themed art-party at DNIPRO Ukrainian Center this Saturday, February 23rd.  I will participate with a video installation, this is the second time I am showing this piece but I am adding some new mapped animations to it. This event is going to be one of a kind. Media artist will be filling the three story building with installations in addition to food and music.
Check out more about this event here. Don't forget to mark your attendance on facebook and also check out Buffalo Rising for more coverage of the pre and post event production.  See you there :)


Plankton Space Attack!

This is a poster for a DnB jam next month featuring Mistanoize (UK). He has immaculate skills on the decks, which has awarded him winning places at both RAMM100 Dj Mixcloud Competition, and Drum&Bass Arena Kam. Incorporating sounds across the bass music spectrum, he is known for mixing on three decks, track after track. This is his first USA tour, so come to hear what he has in his bag for us. Also on the bill is Hoogs, who is one of the most active Jump up producers in WNY. His Dj sets are always a gem, delivering nothing else but the freshest dance-floor oriented sounds. Local Support is also provided by top dubstep Buffalo Dj  Big Basha, the guy behind all the Frosty Tone events. Emjay Biggz, (all vinyl set) and Jon All Day (all vinyl set) will warm up the night.. I'll be running the projections using original and other artists' visual works.

For this event, the house will also offer a Mexican buffet, get there early and enjoy some food, along with drum and bass music, and visual displays.

Here's a mix by Mistanoize, check out his soundcloud :)

The flyer is inspired on plankton life forms, and out of this world sounds. I used a turntable illustration from a previous exhibit as the main concept, adding some line objects and shapes.