This is a video where Mexican actors implore the government to ask for their opinion about the energetic reform. The current president, Enrique Pena Nieto (EPN) has basically handed over petroleum resources to foreign corporate names such as Exxon Mobil and other undisclosed industry giants.

This clip is only one of many efforts by the mexican people to stop the biggest transfer of natural resources' wealth to corporates. This energy reform is only one of eight reforms that EPN has announced to be implemented by next year.  Other reforms include the privatization of public schools, electric federal companies, community hospitals, and public communications. 

Being of a mexican heritage, I feel terrible for the political tactics that international corporations are stablishing in Mexico. Not only 90% of the population does not agree with these new reforms, but the government has done a terrible job of communicating what these changes would do to the economic social structure of Mexico. It's quite sad to see the triumph of corporations over the well being of a countrie's lower and middle class.

Over the past months teacher's unions, healthcare providers, students, artists, and several work unions have taken their protests to the streets only to be reprehended by soldiers, federal police, and of course the conservative social media which is bought and paid for by corporate interests.  How sad to see my homeland's freedom and natural resources be taken down by corporate giants. On my next visit to Mexico City I will try to get more insight on these issues by the locals, as i have been following these topics for a little over a year, yet i bet that living it is a different and more intense experience.

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