Interactive Web Design

I've been playing around with the new web design Adobe apps for the past few weeks. My goal is to create a new portfolio page breaking away from Wix. Not that Wix is not a good tool, but with so many "designers" using Wix I believe that a portfolio should go beyond that. Wix is great for creating websites for clients on the go, it has great tools that make it very easy to publish slick, simple, and clean websites. I am interested in interactivity as a way to engage the user and create an experience like environment. This video shows my first attempts at doing so. Even though I still have ways to go (cleaning transitions, keyframes, hot-spots, etc) it is something new I am excited to design. Check it out and let me know if you would like to see something happen with the circles or mouse.


Stop & Breathe

Stop & Breathe, 2014

On my way back to Buffalo from Mexico City I came across this beautiful light tunnel installation by Mills James in Detroit Metropolitan Airport. I thought to myself, this is a great space to be at and yet every body kept walking fast with out taking the time to enjoy the 5 minute loop sequence. The lights were playing in sync with classical Christmas music and I took my camera out and recorded this time-lapse.   

A few months ago my body issued an alarm call and I've been following what it was trying to tell me: "Stop and Breathe." And so I began a journey starting with breathing techniques followed by simple Yoga poses like the one in this video, "mountain pose". This is the most basic stance in which you feel your feet rooted in the floor and the longer you stay still the more you enter in contact with gravity in an homogenic state with the ground beneath you.  

I invite you to take five minutes away from your work space, tv, computer, smart phone, etc. and feel the air in and out your body. Make a conscious decision of taking time just to breath and exist. We are in constant motion and the world in which we live is a never ending roller coaster. Take control and guide your life to whatever your path may be.

Iglesias de la Colonia

Churches in Mexico City have a beautiful architecture style called "Colonial" because they were built when the conquistadores came to the city to colonize it. Indigents were slaved and forced to work hard sculpting and cutting stones. Very often they would insert hidden faces of their goddesses into these elaborate catholic facades. Mexico City was built over the old Tenochtitlan city, literally, and up to this day there are ongoing excavations by the Anthropology University finding pyramids, religious objects, and traces of the Aztec culture buried by Spanish colonial buildings. Every time I go back it really amazes me that up to this day we live in a clash of two worlds depicted by the mere architectural style everywhere you go.