Are we now oficially an oligarchy?

This study just came out today. Finally they made a research on a topic I've been following for some years already. I know the rule about not discussing politics or religion but we should all be concerned and informed about who supports this tea party patriotism mindset. If we expose the oligarch ideology backers more people would be better informed when going to vote or making everyday life choices.The Koch Brothers, Americans for Prosperity, The Heritage Foundation are some names involved in this oligarch power system in which the US is officially under. That's why Citizens United is wrong and we have to repeal the law that gave "person-hood" status to a corporation in 2010. Early this month the supreme court failed ordinary citizens once again, stating that money (previously recognized as property) has now the same value as free speech allowing the unlimited amount of cash flowing into the political system from private institutions because of the concept of Corporation's free speech.


As if the ozone hole weren’t enough, now there’s a hole in the troposphere

As if the ozone hole weren’t enough, now there’s a hole in the troposphere

oh noooo! anyone has creative ways to tear down corporate damage to our planet while surviving natural disasters, poisoned food, water, air, pollution, civil wars, gas attacks, drug epidemics, pandemics, mental problems etc? i wonder what it takes for healthy individuals to organize in an effort to save our selves and most important, the only planet that we know we can live in. Mother nature, forgive us. 

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