Hi guys come to CITY of NIGHT Buffalo 2014 this weekend to check out my exhibit, I've been working really hard on this installation and I'd love to share it with as much people as possible. I have to thank the Pierce-Arrow Film Arts Centert for providing the space to build the sculpture as part of my art residency there. the event is free to entry on Saturday and there is also a VIP night on Friday. To read Recap's art statement please visit this page  or click on the image!


Layout Design Time-lapse

One of my co-worker's son is having a camping birthday party, he asked me to do an invitation and I thought it was a fun project for some time-lapse love. He just basically sent me the picture of his boy and gave me the camping and party info. Enjoy it!


Recap, City of Night

Hello friends I will be participating at City of Night this year again so save the date! Saturday June 28th, 2014. 

My installation piece is entitled Recap. It is a multimedia installation where I mix traditional and digital mediums creating a video mapping sequence to be projected on a 10ft face-sculpture. It is a very exciting work and I am building it in the Pierce Arrow Film Art Center (PAFAC)where I am currently doing a Summer Art Residency. Follow this link to read more about this project  

 As part of my residency I am also recording time-lapses of the process behind the installation. This video is the first one of a series of document videos for the PAFAC.
In the first day of construction, my amazing boyfriend Rick helped me build the wood frame that will support the face structure I am building for this installation. I've more videos to post later this week, stay tuned and enjoy!  :) 

CIty of Night!


Allegany Nature Pilgrimage

I went to the Allegany Nature Pilgrimage this weekend with Rick.  It was an amazing experience to reconnect with nature at so many levels.  From bird-walks, to fairy house building, to morning yoga classes, mushroom hikes, wild flower identification, you name it, it was all very relaxing and a very peaceful experience. Rick led some bird walks and gave a workshop on wildlife photography. I of course brought along my GoPro camera and did some time-lapses every time I could squeeze in time. 

The picture below is a portrait inspired in the amazing view of the Allegany Lake. I sat on that bench for a while taking in all the beauty of my surroundings. The pointing finger eludes to the bird-watching experience while the more relaxed pose symbolizes how peaceful and relaxing nature can be. I recommend you to scape from the city when you can and explore our natural surroundings whether a small creek, the lake, parks, the falls or camping areas, go take a hike and breathe in the fresh air, smell the great scents of flowers and listen the water running, birds signing or your own breath. Enjoy this Summer friends!