Allegany Nature Pilgrimage

I went to the Allegany Nature Pilgrimage this weekend with Rick.  It was an amazing experience to reconnect with nature at so many levels.  From bird-walks, to fairy house building, to morning yoga classes, mushroom hikes, wild flower identification, you name it, it was all very relaxing and a very peaceful experience. Rick led some bird walks and gave a workshop on wildlife photography. I of course brought along my GoPro camera and did some time-lapses every time I could squeeze in time. 

The picture below is a portrait inspired in the amazing view of the Allegany Lake. I sat on that bench for a while taking in all the beauty of my surroundings. The pointing finger eludes to the bird-watching experience while the more relaxed pose symbolizes how peaceful and relaxing nature can be. I recommend you to scape from the city when you can and explore our natural surroundings whether a small creek, the lake, parks, the falls or camping areas, go take a hike and breathe in the fresh air, smell the great scents of flowers and listen the water running, birds signing or your own breath. Enjoy this Summer friends!  

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