Super Moon, Super thoughts?

I watched last Sunday's Super Moon through a scope and took a few shots, here's a view of what we saw in North America. These days we don't really have a lot of visual contact with the skies as our ancestors did. All cultures had at some point a deep spiritual connection with stars and constellations, so great as to morph it with divine gods and their own destiny. I wonder what the emotional impact of the detachment from the night sky is. I believe that our collective thoughts must, in some way, be unconsciously detached from the notion that we are tiny, closed to nothing compared to the vast ratio of stars that surround this planet. Maybe we have forgotten how fragile we are and that there is nowhere else to go but this earth. That's one of my theories as to why we are killing this planet from the ground up, from the rooted ecosystems, to the animal kingdoms and oldest threes, Flora and Fauna, we humans are bad at taking care of our only home... I wish we had more interest in Astronomy as the old cultures did so that we stayed in touch with starts out there, it would make us humans more humble and better sons and daughters to this mother earth. So these are the kind of thoughts that came to my mind when I saw this Super Moon. I hope you had a change to look at it, I believe the last Super Moon of the year will be in september, so look up and enjoy it :)